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Articulation Systems - Bus




Hubner Manufacturing’s new generation of articulation systems set the highest industry standards for safety, design and functionality. At Hubner, safety is one of our highest considerations.  Our latest designs - such as the HNG 15.3. HNG 16.5 and HNG 19.5 low floor articulation units or the HF 485 standard floor articulation unit - are equipped with redundant and emergency dampening systems. more



Passage Way Systems - High Speed Train




Special applications sometimes need special product ideas.Our know-how is built on years of experience that allow us to development individual solutions that are both reliable and secure. more


Passage Way Systems - LRV and Monorail




At Hubner, we develop bellows to meet any demand.  Our custom designed bellows accommodate both single and dual axles. In addition, we use only high-grade materials in our products. more  


Bumper - LRV and Train



 LRV and Tram bumpers must be multifunctional.  They must cover the retractable coupler when it is not in use, they must provide collision protection for the vehicle, and they must blend harmoniously into the front fascia of the vehicle. more


Canopy - Jet Gangway Systems




Hubner USA is a major supplier of jet gangway canopies to the airline industry.  What are jet gangway canopies?  They are special flexible covers that are designed to protect passengers from the exterior environment when boarding or exiting an airplane. more